World Famous Mausoleum of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi in Turkestan City

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I would like to present my private tour, where I’ll be your individual English-Russian-Kazakh speaking guide and driver with my own car. During the tour I am responsible for your personal safety.

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Turkestan city is the most well known city in Kazakhstan and whole Central Asian region. We call this city as spiritual capital of Kazakhstan. It is also one of the oldest cities in the region, which played its important role on great Silk Road. This ancient city was the place where great Poet and Sufi (religious leader) lived and was buried one thousand years ago. His name was Khodja Ahmed Yasawi. He is number one among the saints for Kazakh and Turkic people around the world. Therefore millions of people every year are pilgrimaging to his mausoleum. Later in 14 century famous ruler Timur the Great constructed grandiose mausoleum for the Saint. In the middle ages Turkestan and its mausoleum became pantheon for the most great people and heroes in the Steppe. 


Shymkent city - Arystan bab Mausoleum - Turkestan city

  • 8 a.m. – Pick up at the hotel in Shymkent city. Departure to Turkestan city (180 km). Two hours of interesting folk stories. Camel' s farms are on the road.    

  • 10 a.m. – Arrival in Arystan bab mausoleum complex. Arystan bab mausoleum is holy place for all Turkic people. Arystan bab saint was spiritual father of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi

  • 11 a.m. – Arrival in Turkestan city. Visiting Mausoleum of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi and complex of medieval historical places. Khodja Ahmed Yasawi is king of mystics and Sufi dervishes. Tamerlane the Great was initiator and author of construction of Mausoleum. Masterpiece of medieval architecture. 

  • 13 p.m. – Lunch in the city. Tandoor - ancient technology of baking bread.

  • 14 p.m. – Ancient underground Sufi Mosque. Old bath for piligrims. Complex is burial place of famous Turks and Kazak heroes. Mausoleum in Turkestan is UNESCO and World heritage site.   

  • 17 p.m. – Turkestan city Tour. Shavgar and Yassy are old names of modern Turkestan.

  • Ancient and lost Otyrar and Sauran cities can be an option. See my tour Ancient Ghost Cities in The Steppe Near Turkestan, 2 Days.


On preliminarily request we can help to  book accommodation and buy transport tickets. The stories of the guide are based on historical, cultural and ethnographical information. They include also expert's personal view and alternative resources. The guide can adjust the program of the tour or you can propose your own personal program.


  • The price for one person is US$ 121.

  • The price for a group of two people the price is US$ 96 per person.

  • The price for a group of three people the price is US$ 83 per person.

Price includes: 

  • guide services,

  • car with driver,

  • fuel. 

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  • accommodation,

  • food,

  • entrance fees. 

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