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June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

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Verses on the walls

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Why we can talk endlessly about Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi in Turkistan? Because this is our ancient history, coming to us from remote past. I think while people remember the name of Great Sufi and go to his grave in Mausoleum, this story will not end.


Millions of pilgrims are coming to Mausoleum to honor the spirit of holy person. But not many can think and know what is written on its outer walls. And many do not even guess that the images on the walls, which seem to be similar to ornament or geometric figures, in fact are the inscriptions in Arabic written by special technique called Kufic. In ancient times Holy Koran and hadeeths were written and rewritten by Kufic letter.


Masters from Persia, their names are known to this day, have drawn in ornament on the Mausoleum's walls verses from Holy Koran. Specialists have translated these inscriptions. So, every scroll and flourish on the walls of Mausoleum has its own meaning. And the walls of Mausoleum have turned into pages of magic book written by Emir Timur and his builders.

For example, the eye-catching patterns on the wall from northern side (opposite to the main entrance) in the form of figure nine and swastika are not what you thought. This inscription means: "God's servant proposes, but all will be as Allah determines!". After all you can not even think that these simple patterns are wise words hidden into the material of ornament. If we know the meaning of the inscriptions on the walls, we can understand what the masters and Timur the Great have wanted to tell us more than 600 years ago. So, for a dedicated person the walls of Mausoleum and Mausoleum itself turn into a magical book that could be read. Such a book is worth a lot.


No need also to say that Saint Ahmed has written his book "Divani Hikmet", which our ancestors have called the Second Book. But this I shall tell you next time.




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