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June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

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Book of wisdom

June 12, 2018

Why do people come to Turkestan city to Mausoleum of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi? Because people want to honor memory and bow to the spirit of Great Holy. Many people come as pilgrims to pray to the relics of the Poet and ask his spirit to settle their personal spiritual and health problems. Despite the canons of orthodox Islam which does not encourage this, people make their pilgrimage according to ancient traditions and try to talk with the spirits of ancestors.


Why faithful Muslim Ahmed son of Ibrahim was named to the saints? Because he devoted all his life to service of the Most High, because all his life he helped the poor and oppressed people at the behest of Creator. And also because he wrote the book of Wisdom - "Divani Hikmet". A book that ordinary people called as Turkic Quran. Is there such a book today in the world that could be called or compared with the sacred Quran?


In every line of his book Khoja Ahmed calls people to do more mercy, love and good to each other and cognition of Creator. In poetic form the Poet describes a true picture of the life of that time and gives moral lessons to people.


What a pity that after thousand years we know little about his book and almost do not read it. But many people, our ancestors who lived on this land at that time knew this book by heart. Many young people sang the verses from the book as a prayer. For example, the words from the 54th Hikmet of the Book of Wisdom are very relevant to the present day. Feel the difference after thousand years:



"... The one who is in rush for wealth, he is selling his honor and nobility,

He is like a vulture, which is swarming in the carrion and dung.

There are many among the muftis and mullahs who accumulate their wealth by dishonor.

Everyone who tries to blacken the white will certainly burn in hell tomorrow.

There are imams and mullahs whose prays are empty.

They look like an ass proudly carrying dung.

A mean, abominable governor who collects bribes,

Then he will bitterly regret wringing his hands.

Lovely clothes, delicious food and sweets,

And even the golden throne - all these will go to the dogs, when you lie down in the ground.

To serve to Allah is not just the words, but a real deed.

The one who spend earthly wealth for the good of people will be in paradise.

Khoja Ahmed slave of Allah, please, understand, that you have to take the path of Allah.

Allah will reward those who have accepted the righteous path, and they will see the Divine face... "


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