Homestay & Mysterious Mountain Kazygurt, Shymkent. 2 Days

Dear guest!

Welcome to Kaskasu village and Kazygurt sacred mountain!

I would like to present my private tour, where I'll be your individual English-Russian-Kazakh speaking guide and driver with my own car. During the tour I am responsible for your personal safety.


Kazygurt Mountain - is the historical and spiritual place for Turkic and Kazakh people. It is also the legendary mountain range of Western Tien Shan. Many Kazakh saints and holy people were buried near this sacred mountain. We can see their mausoleums around the mountain, which are still popular among local people. Millions of people every year are doing some kind of pilgrimage to this sacred mountain. Easy to climb (1768 m) by path. 

This tour is available from April to November.


First day

  • Morning arrival to Kaskasu Kazakh mountain village from Shymkent city. Tour arround the village and surrounding mountains. Homestay & three meals. Overnight in the village. Village is located very close to Sayram - Ugam National Park with its alpine gorges, canyons, lakes and rivers. Light trekking and horseback riding in the national park is possible.

  • Walking tour in the village and light trekking in surrounding mountains with the guide. Visiting local school and meetings with Kazakh children. Meetings with people in the village. Lunch in the guest house.

  • Visiting old Christian church (19 century) in the neighboring village. Holy natural spring and Christian pilgrims coming for healing. Mix of old Kazakh traditions, disappearing Soviet lifestyle and Russian culture residues. Dinner with the family. 

  • Try Kumis - mare's milk. Kumis is ancient Kazakh traditional drink. Drink or cure yourself with kumis. Millions of people have recovered from desease using kumis. Kumis is longevity and healthful drink. Milk a mare. Course of healing and treatment with Kumis.


Second day

  • 9 a.m. – Departure to Lenger town from Kaskasu mountain village (50 km). Crossing over Lenger town. Short tour around the center of the town.   

  • 10 a.m. – Kazygurt Mountain is a legendary mountain range of Western Tien Shan. Easy climb (1768 m) by path – spiritual ascent for locals and visitors. Kazygurt - is historical and spiritual place for Turkic and Kazak people.

  • 12 a.m. – Ancient Turkic legend on Deluge and Prophet. Kazak version of Noah's Ark. "Ship wreck" place is mysterious place connected to Kazygurt mountain.  

  • 14 p.m. – Rock of Adam and Eve is one more esoteric mountain cleft in Kazygurt. Try it for yourself. Place of pilgrimage for initiated people. 

  • 16 p.m. –  Kazygurt is burial place of holy medieval Sufi at the foot of the mountain. Visiting mausoleum and sacral spring of holy Sufi. 

  • 18. p.m. – Return to the city. 


On preliminarily request we can help to  book accommodation and buy transport tickets. The stories of the guide are based on historical, cultural and ethnographical information. They include also expert's personal view and alternative resources. The guide can adjust the program of the tour or you can propose your own personal program.


  • The price for one person is US$ 224 for 2 days.

  • The price for a group of two people is US$ 192 per person for 2 days.

  • The price for a group of three people is US$ 166 per person for 2 days. 


The price includes: 

  • accomodation (homestay) in the family;

  • three meals in the village at first day;

  • all transfers to the village and back;

  • entrance fees;

  • tour to Kazygurt mountain on second day;

  • guide services.

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