Before Arrival

What's the best time to travel to Kazakhstan?

The best season to travel to Kazakhstan is from March to November, since winter in Kazakhstan is usually cold; however snowy winters might be perfect for winter sports. Temperature in summer can reach up to +40'C and more in some regions.

What's the weather and climate in Kazakhstan?

The territory of Kazakhstan stretches for more than 3000 km from west to east and almost 2000 km from north to south. Climatic peculiarities are due to the amplitude of the country. Whereas temperature can hit 50 degrees below zero in the north in winter, in summer in the south melons ripen and cotton grow. The climate of Kazakhstan (excluding south) is sharply continental with average temperature between -4 °C and -19 °C in January and between +19…+26°C in July. In winter temperature may decrease down to -45°C, and in summer rise up to +30. One can experience all four seasons on the territory of Kazakhstan with frosty winter, blossoming spring, heating summer and scarlet autumn. Cold winter starts in November and lasts till the end of April. The influence of Arctic air masses leads to a strong cold (up to -50 С°). Springs are short and changeable – from mid of April to end May. Besides spring weather is very unstable: clear warm day may suddenly turn into cold. Dry hot summer begins in the end of May and lasts till mid September, with temperatures sometimes going up to +35...+40 С°. Autumn with its stable weather and night frosts begin in the end of September and lasts till the beginning of November. The highest temperature in Kazakhstan was registered in the city of Turkestan (South Kazakhstan) with +49 С°. The lowest was observed in the city of Atbasar (Akmola region) -57 С°. Besides, Astana is the coldest city in the world after Ulan-Bator however it is not an obstacle for the capital city to warm guests with its warm hospitality.

What money can I use in Kazakhstan?

Kazakh national currency is Tenge (KZT). US Dollars, Euro and other major currencies can be easily exchanged to Tenge and back in official exchange bureaus and banks that are widely spread in Kazakhstan. The majority of European and international credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Euro Card are accepted in most hotels, large shops and restaurants of Astana, Almaty, Shymkent. In other cities, it is recommended to check with your hotel whether they accept credit card payments or not. Traveller's cheques are not common in Kazakhstan and they are most likely not accepted.

How to get to Kazakhstan?

Wondering how to get to Kazakhstan - on a plane, a train or a bus? Pros and cons of each travel means. Flights
If you are planning to travel to Kazakhstan, the most convenient way of travel is taking a flight. All major cities of Kazakhstan have airports; however international flights are conducted mainly in Astana and Almaty, and a few other cities such as Karaganda, Atyrau, Shymkent, etc. International flights are conducted by Air Astana and Scat airlines, as well as by 23 foreign airline companies.
On a train
Interstate trains operate between neighbouring countries of Kazakhstan, such as Russian, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc. Train ticket prices might be cheaper than flight tickets; however, since the territory of Kazakhstan is vast, travel on trains might take too long, causing some inconveniences. Buses
Interstate buses also operate from some cities of neighbouring countries, including many Russian cities (Barnaul, Omsk, etc.), Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. Please check the information about bus trips, schedules and tickets prices at the local bus stations in Kazakhstan.

People and language in Kazakhstan?

Major ethnicity is Kazakh; other ethnic groups include Russians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Germans, etc. About 55% of the population is urban and the rest is rural. Kazakh and Russian languages are spoken by the local population; English is usually used by staff of major tourism companies and hotels, also many people in Kazakhstan can speak medium-level English.

Food and water in Kazakhstan

Kazakh cuisine, Central Asian, Russian cuisines, as well as Italian, Turkish, Korean restaurants are popular in Kazakhstan. Organic and naturally grown ingredients are usually used to prepare meals, which give them an exceptionally rich taste. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants and fast foods in all regions of Kazakhstan. You will definitely find food that you like and won't stay hungry. Water in cities is chlorinated, so it is safe to drink. Bottled water is also widely available.

What about electricity and communications?

Mobile phone network coverage is available all over Kazakhstan, though in remote areas the coverage might be limited. Internet access: free Wi-Fi is available in airports and railway stations of major cities (Astana and Almaty). In addition, internet cafes are widely available in cities of Kazakhstan. Electric power points:
Electrical current in Kazakhstan is 220 volts, AC 50Hz. Two-pin power sockets are used, mainly compatible with both German ‘Schuko’ and Europlugs. However, unearthed old sockets, which are compatible with only thin Europlugs (4 mm Soviet standard plugs), can be still in use in some older buildings. German Schuko to Europlug and many other types of adapters are widely available in shops.

Travel with Children

Travelling in Kazakhstan with children isn't difficult, since children are made welcome in many restaurants, many hotels offer family rooms and supplies such as nappies and baby food are very easy to come by. Cities tend to have many parks and playgrounds, though there are few child-specific attractions.

After arrival

Working hours in Kazakshtan?

Usual business working hours in Kazakhstan are from 9.00 till 18.00 with a lunch break between 13.00 and 14.00, though some companies, especially in the service industry might work till 8-10 pm.
Shops in major cities like Astana and Almaty are usually open till 8-10 pm and some supermarkets work 24 hours. Bargaining is usually not acceptable in shops, but it is a common practice in bazaars.

Emergency and other important telephone numbers in Kazakhstan

101 – Fire brigade
102 – Police
103 – Ambulance
104 – Gas leaks
112 – Rescue service
171 – International and interregional telephone communication orders
118 – Directory inquiry service

Registration & Customs

Registration is one of the most important points. Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, tourists receive a migration card where hotel stays/registration will be recorded. Citizens of 47 countries are exempt from registering, but all others need to register within the first five days at the migration office. Registration is not required for a stay of fewer than 5 days (arrival and departure days, as well as weekends, are counted within this five day limit).


There are many hotels of various classes in Kazakhstan, from budget 2- to 3- star hotels and hostels to luxury 5-star accommodations. Check out time-tested hotels and book accommodation that suits you better on or you can ask for my help on the main page of the web-site.

Important phrases in the Kazakh language you should know

  • Sienin atyn kum? (what is your name?)

  • Mienin atym... (my name is...)

  • Mien Anglyiadan keldim (I'm from England)

  • Mien Americadan keldim (I'm from America)

  • Salem (alykum) (hello)

  • Kierly tan (good morning)

  • Kierly toon (good night)

  • Kierly kesh (good afternoon/evening)

  • Aspolsyn (enjoy your meal)

  • aman sau bolyak (thank you for the meal)

  • Kalaisyn? (How are you?)

  • Zhaksa (Good)

  • Saubol (goodbye) (Saubols is used for respect ie. to someone senior/older)

  • Rahmet (thank you)

  • Iya (yes)

  • Zhok (no)

  • Qansha (how much)

  • Qansha turadi? (how much does it cost?)

  • Daeriger (doctor)

  • Tüsinbedim (I don’t understand)

  • Kömektesinder (Help!)

  • Meyramchana (restaurant)

  • Taksi (taxi)

Important phrases in the Russian language you should know

Minya zavoot (my name is)

Kak vas zavoot? (what is your name?)

Zdrastvooy(tye) (hello)

Preevyet (Hi)

Dobray ootra (good morning)

Dobray veecha (good afternoon/evening)

Kak dela (how are things)

atleechna (very good)

kharasho (okay)

BAR (bar)

skolka stoeet (how much is it)

Priatneva appetita (bon appetite - enjoy your meal)

ya plokha gavaroo pa-rooskee (I don't speak much russian)

paka (see you soon)

da sveedanya (good bye)

Spasibo (thank you)

Vrach (doctor)

Iya ne ponimayu (I don't understand)

Pomogite (Help!)

Taxi (taxi)

Restaurant (restaurant)


Foreign Embassies in Kazakhstan

Embassy of Afghanistan in Kazakhstan
Address: 3 Karaotkel-2 str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-29-46
Fax: (+77172) 24-30-25
Embassy of Armenia in Kazakhstan
Address: 19 Kiz Zhibek str., Komsomolski Microdistrict , Astana
Phone: (+77172) 40-20-15 / 7
Fax: (+77172) 401970 Embassy of Austria in Kazakhstan
Address: 62 Kosmonavtov str., 9th floor Mikrodistrikt Chubary, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 97-78-69 / 78 / 79
Fax: (+77172) 97-78-50 Embassy of Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan
Address: Diplomatic City, Residence B-6, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-15-81, 24-16-90, 24-10-97
Fax: (+77172) 24-15-32 Consulate of Azerbaijan in Aktau, Kazakhstan
Address: 15 th district, Building 30k-1, Aktau
Phone: (+77292) 42-23-00
Fax: (+77292) 42-21-90 Embassy of Belarus in Kazakhstan
Address: 35, Kenesary str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 32-48-29
Fax: (+77172) 32-48-29 Embassy of Belarus in Kazakhstan (Branch Office in Almaty)
Address: 34 Karasai Batyr str., Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 91-43-70 Embassy of Belgium in Kazakhstan
Address: 62, rue Kosmonavtov - 3ème étage, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 97-44-85, 97-44-86
Fax: (+77172) 97-78-49 Consulate of Belgium in Kazakhstan
Address: Timiryazev 24a, Celebration Palace "Bakhshasaray", Almaty
Phone: (+77017) 86-78-65 Embassy of Brazil in Kazakhstan
Address: 6/1 Kabanbay Batyr, 6th floor , Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-46-84
Fax: (+77172) 24-47-43 Embassy of Bulgaria in Kazakhstan
Address: 11 “Imanov” str., Business Centre “Nursaulet”, fl. 5, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 90-15-15
Fax: (+77172) 90-18-19 Embassy of Canada in Kazakhstan
Address: Kabanbay Batyr str., 13/1, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 47-55-77
Fax: (+77172) 47-55-87 Consulate of Chile in Kazakhstan
Address: 4 Samal str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 58-00-50
Fax: (+77172) 22-17-62 Embassy of China in Kazakhstan
Address: 37 Kabanbai Batyra Ave, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 79-35-70, 79-35-76, 79-35-83
Fax: (+77172) 79-35-67 Embassy of Cuba in Kazakhstan
Address: No.18, Apto. 2, Prospekt Kabanbay, 1000, Ciudad Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-24-67
Fax: (+77172) 24-26-38 Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kazakhstan
Address: Business Center Arman, 13th floor, Sary-Arka 6, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 66-04-72/77/79/81
Fax: (+77172) 66-01-42 Consulate of the Czech Republic in Kazakhstan
Address: 7 Kurmangalieva str., Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 91-17-34
Fax: (+77272) 91-20-38 Embassy of Egypt in Kazakhstan
Address: Diplomatic Town. Str. Sarayshyk 24A, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-18-30, 28-60-67
Fax: (+77172) 28-60-50 Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan
Address: Astana Tower 17th floor, 12 Samal Microdistrict, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 44-21-21 Consulate of Finland in Kazakhstan
Address: Outokumpu Techonology Representative office, Bogengai batyr 188-12, Almaty
Phone: (+ 73272) 92-27-15
Fax: (+73272) 50-99-42 Embassy of France in Kazakhstan
Address: 173 rue Fourmanova, Almaty
Phone: (+77172) 58-25-04
Fax: (+77172) 58-25-09 Embassy of Georgia in Kazakhstan
Address: Dip. Gorodok, 4th Sector, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-32-58
Fax: (+77172) 24-34-26 Embassy of Germany in Kazakhstan
Address: 173 Furmanova str., Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 50-61-60, 50-70-43
Fax: (+73272) 50-62-76 Embassy of Greece in Kazakhstan
Address: Microrayon Kara otkel 2/109, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-12-66 Embassy of Hungary in Kazakhstan
Address: 4 Muszabajeva str., Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 55-13-08
Fax: (+73272) 58-18-37 Embassy of India in Kazakhstan
Address: Kaskad Business Center, 5th Floor, 6/1, Kabanbai Batyr Av., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 92-57-00 /01/02/03
Fax: (+77172) 92-57-16 Representative office of India in Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Address: 71, Maulenova str., 3rd floor, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 33-09-26/36
Fax: (+73272) 33-09-33 Embassy of Israel in Kazakhstan
Address: 11th Floor, Asia Center, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 68-87-38/39
Fax: (+77172) 68-87-35 Embassy of Italy in Kazakhstan
Address: 62, Cosmonavtov str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 24-38-68, 24-33-90
Fax: (+77172) 24-36-86 Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan
Address: 62, Kosmonavtov str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 97-11-43
Fax: (+77172) 97-11-42 Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Kazakhstan
Address: Microrayon Karaotkel, Sector A 2/1, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 22-11-19, 22-11-16, 37-11-16, 37-11-19
Fax: (+77172) 22-11-13, 37-11-13 Consulate of Kyrgyzstan in Kazakhstan
Address: Amageldy 68a, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 37-11-16, 37-11-19
Fax: (+73272) 37-11-13, 63-33-62 Embassy of Latvia in Kazakhstan
Address: Irchenko str. 8-48, Astana
Phone: (+73172) 32-50-76
Fax: (+73172) 23-61-11 Consulate of Latvia in Kazakhstan
Address: 15 Republic Prospect, Offices 523-524, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 63-98-72
Fax: (+73272) 50-65-49 Embassy of Lithuania in Kazakhstan
Address: Gornij Gigant, Iskenderovo 15, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 93-46-06, 53-25-05
Fax: (+73272) 93-51-53 Embassy of Malaysia in Kazakhstan
Address: 9a, Rubinshtein str., Almaty
Phone: (+7727) 333-44-83/84/85/86
Fax: (+7727) 387-28-25 Consulate of Mongolia in Kazakhstan
Address: Musabaeva E.1, Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 69-35-36 / 70
Fax: (+77172) 96-51-55 Embassy of Pakistan in Kazakhstan
Address: 25 Tulebaeva str., Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 73-15-02, 73-38-31, 73-35-48
Fax: (+77272) 73-13-00 Embassy of Palestine in Kazakhstan
Address: 37 Kabanbai-Batyr str., Block 4, entrance 4, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 28-75-57/56
Fax: (+77172) 28-75-55 Embassy of Poland in Kazakhstan
Address: Sary Arka 15, Business Centre 'ISKER', Astana
Phone: (+77172) 90-10-11
Fax: (+77172) 90-10-12 Consulate of Poland in Kazakhstan
Address: Dzharkenstkaya-Iskanderova Str., 9-11/13, Almaty
Phone: (+7727) 263-35-87, 258-16-17, 258-15-51
Fax: (+7727) 258-15-50, 258-15-52 Embassy of Romania in Kazakhstan
Address: Str. Puskin 97, Almaty
Phone: (+7327) 261-57-72, 261-24-31
Fax: (+7327) 258-83-17 Embassy of Russia in Kazakhstan
Address: 4 Baraeva str., Astana,
Phone: (+73172) 22-24-83, 22-26-96, 22-15-92
Fax: (+73172) 22-38-49 Consulate of Russia in Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Address: 4, Dzhandosova str., Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 74-61-22, 74-71-72
Fax: (+77272) 74-71-68 Consulate of Singapore in Kazakhstan
Address: Ablai Khan str. 79, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 59-88-74, 59-08-26
Fax: (+73272) 59-09-92 Embassy of Slovakia in Kazakhstan
Address: Ak-Bulak 2, House 5, App. 16, Astana
Phone: (+73172) 35-93-18
Fax: (+73172) 35-93-18 Embassy of South Africa in Kazakhstan
Address: Kabanbai Batyr Av. 6/1, Kaskad Business Centre, 17 floor, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 92-53-26 /7/8
Fax: (+77172) 92-53-29 Consulate of South Korea in Kazakhstan
Address: Kabanbai Batyr Av. 6/1, Kaskad Business Centre, 9 floor, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 92-55-91 / 92 / 93
Fax: (+77172) 92-55-96 Consulate of Spain in Kazakhstan
Address: Gornaya 276 Malinovoe Pole, Building 12, Almaty
Phone: (+77272) 71-52-25 Embassy of Spain in Kazakhstan
Address: Kenesary 47, Office 25, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 20-15-35 / 6
Fax: (+77172) 20-03-17 Embassy of Sweden in Kazakhstan
Address: Astana Tower 17th floor, 12 Samal Microdistrict, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 59-18-05
Fax: (+77172) 59-18-06 Consulate of Sweden in Kazakhstan
Address: 37, Shevchenko str., Apartment 41, Almaty
Phone: (+77017) 55-29-21
Fax: (+7727) 225-14-70 Embassy of Switzerland in Kazakhstan
Address: Kosmonavtov str. 62, 8th floor Microdistrict Chubary, Astana
Phone: (+77172) 97-98-92 / 3
Fax: (+77172) 97-98-94 Embassy of Tajikistan in Kazakhstan
Address: Chubaru Avenue, Marsovaya str., 16, Astana
Phone: (+73172) 24-13-15
Fax: (+73172) 24-09-29 Consulate of Tajikistan in Kazakhstan
Address: 16, Sanatornaya str., Baganashyl, Almaty
Phone: (+73272) 69-70-59 Embassy of Turkey in Kazakhstan
Address: Kabanbai Batyr Av. 6/1, Kaskad Business Centre, office 101 , Astana
Phone: (+77172) 92-58-70
Fax: (+77172) 92-58-74 Embassy of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan
Address: Otyrar str., 8/1 Astana
Phone: (+77172) 21-08-82 / 23
Fax: (+77172) 21-08-82 / 23 Consulate of Turkmenistan in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Address: Furmanova str. 137, Almaty
Phone: (+7727) 272-69-44 / 92 Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan
Address: 41, Kenesary str., Astana
Phone: (+77172) 32-60-42
Fax: (+77172) 32-68-11 Consulate of Ukraine in Kazakhstan
Address: Makatayeva str., 13, Almaty
Phone: (+7727) 397-50-00
Fax: (+7727) 397-51-01 Embassy of USA in Kazakhstan
Address: Rakhymzhan Koshkarbayev Avenue, No. 3. , Astana
Phone: (+77172) 70-21-00
Fax: (+77172) 54-09-14 Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan
Address: Beribaev str. 36, Almaty
Phone: (+7727) 291-78-86
Fax: (+7727) 291-10-55

Visa-free entry

Citizens of the following countries, who are eligible visa free entry to Kazakhstan, are divided into two: those who do not need registration of stay upon arrival and those who should hurry up to get it resolved within 5 days of entering the country. Visa-free and no registration (please make sure, you have received two stamps on the immigration card upon arrival): 1. Australia: up to 30 days
2. Austria: up to 30 days
3. Belarus: up to 90 days **
4. Belgium: up to 30 days
5. Brazil: up to 30 days *
6. Bulgaria: up to 30 days
7. Canada: up to 30 days
8. Chile: up to 30 days
9. Croatia: up to 30 days
10. Cyprus: up to 30 days
11. Czech Republic: up to 30 days
12. Denmark: up to 30 days
13. Estonia: up to 30 days
14. Finland: up to 30 days
15. France: up to 30 days
16. Germany: up to 30 days
17. Great Britain: up to 30 days 18. Greece: up to 30 days
19. Hungary: up to 30 days
20. Iceland: up to 30 days
21. Ireland: up to 30 days
22. Israel: up to 30 days
23. Italy: up to 30 days
24. Japan: 30 days
25. Latvia: up to 30 days
26. Lithuania: up to 30 days
27. Luxembourg: up to 30 days
28. Malaysia: up to 30 days
29. Malta: up to 30 days
30. Mexico: up to 30 days
31. Monaco: up to 30 days
32. Netherlands: up to 30 days
33. New Zealand: up to 30 days 34. Norway: up to 30 days
35. Poland: up to 30 days
36. Portugal: up to 30 days
37. Romania: up to 30 days
38. Russia: up to 90 days **
39. Singapore: up to 30 days
40. Slovakia: up to 30 days
41. Slovenia: up to 30 days
42. South Korea: up to 30 days
43. Spain: up to 30 days
44. Sweden: up to 30 days
45. Switzerland: up to 30 days
46. Turkey: up to 30 days
47. UAE: up to 30 days
48. Ukraine: up to 90 days
49. USA: up to 30 days
Visa-free and registration within 5 days upon arrival: 1. Azerbaijan: up to 30 days
2. Argentina: up to 30 days *
3. Armenia: up to 90 days
4. Hong Kong (PRC): up to 14 days 5. Georgia: up to 90 days
6. Kyrgyzstan: up to 90 days
7. Moldova: up to 90 days
8. Mongolia: up to 90 days 9. Serbia: up to 30 days
10. Tajikistan: up to 30 days
11. Uzbekistan: up to 30 days * Visa-free entry is allowed once in a year.
** Registration of stay at the immigration police is required after 30 days of arrival. If your country is not in the visa free list, you need to apply for it at the Embassies and Consulates of Kazakhstan. In order to apply for visa, firstly, you need to obtain LOI (Letter of Invitation a.k.a Visa support) from a travel agency. Visa support procedure takes two weeks. After, you will apply for visa at the nearest Kazakh embassy. Click here to read more about Visa support and apply for it.

Documents required for the Kazakhstan visa

Documents required for the Kazakhstan visa:

  • 1. Copy of the first two pages of their passport a valid passport (or international travel document)
  • 2. A copy of their Kazakhstan visa support (invitation letter) with a notification of their visa support number by the DCS of the MFA (or the original individual invitation issued by the Police)
  • 3. the completed visa application form (pdf) and
  • 4. 1 passport-size photo;
  • 5. Fee, payable on collection of visa
  • 6. For 5 days transit visas, the visa of the destination country and onward ticket (or a reservation) are required.
  • 7. Hotel booking confirmation
  • 8. International flight booking confirmation.
The passport should not expire earlier than six months after the validity term of the requested visa. Other necessary documents will be determined by the consul at the time of application. Visas are issued within 7 calendar days from the day of presenting all documents. Documents are accepted with a visa support letter from the Diplomatic-consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Citizens of the following countries are eligible to obtain visa without a Letter of Invitation (LOI, a.k.a Visa Support) if they are applying for single-entry visas of categories A1, A2, B1, B2, D1 and G1, as well as single and double entry visa of category F1.
  • 1. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • 2. The State of Qatar
  • 3. Principality of Liechtenstein
  • 4. The Sultanate of Oman
  • 5. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where to apply for Kazakhstan Visa?

  1. You can apply for the Kazakhstan visa outside of Kazakhstan where Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate exist.
  2. The citizens of the foreign countries that do not need the letter of invitation can also obtain a tourist visa on arrival at consular posts of the MFA at Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk airports with special applications of travel agencies to the DCS of the MFA.

Types of Kazakhstan Visa

  1. Diplomatic Kazakhstan visa - А1, А2, А3: issued to holders of diplomatic passports and in some instances, when the issue of a diplomatic visa has been recognized expedient. Diplomatic visas are registered without levy of consular fees.
  2. Official Kazakhstan visa - B1, B2, B3: issued to personnel of foreign diplomatic and other representations and international organizations, who are not considered diplomatic personnel, and also to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling on business, invited by government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. Investor Kazakhstan visa - С1, С2: issued to genuine investors - managers and representatives of managerial staff of major foreign companies, operating on the Kazakhstani market or who have genuine plans to develop business projects.
  4. Work visas - M1, M2, M3, M4, M5: issued upon provision of a permission for foreign labor recruitment and other documents, unless stated otherwise by an international treaty or agreement of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  5. Business Kazakhstan visa - D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8: issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for business (to attend business negotiations, forums, market research, etc.) upon application of non-governmental legal entities, registered on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  6. Tourist Kazakhstan visa - F1: issued upon approval of a local travel agency's application, licenses to operate as such.
  7. Study visa - L1, L2: issued with permission of the immigration police upon application of educational institutions.
  8. Visas for medical treatment - G1, G2, G3, G4: issued to foreigners and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for treatment, medical checks, consultations and similar reasons upon application of the relevant institutions and organizations confirming the character of the invitation.
  9. Visas for permanent residence - J1, J2, J3: issued upon provision of documents stipulated by the legislation.
  10. Transit Kazakhstan visa - H1: issued upon provision of a visa valid to enter the country of destination and relevant tickets with confirmation of departure date from the transfer point on the territory of Kazakhstan, no later than 5 days from the moment of arrival to the port or station in Kazakhstan.

Departure from Kazakhstan

Preparation for departure

Departure at the airport is simple: you need to check in for your flight, pass the customs and passport control, go through the security service point and proceed to your plane. For international flights, travelers are recommended to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours in advance. Before departing the hotel, please make sure you check availability of the following documents: passport, immigration card given by OVIR or OVD and air ticket.

Hand-made goods and souvenirs

At the checkpoint of the customs, you may be asked to declare the hand-made items that you have purchased, in order to make sure you do not deal with illegal export of goods that are of cultural value or antiquary. If you are exporting such goods, you should have respective documentation. If you have purchased an item of cultural value, please contact me in advance on the main page of web-site.

Guide help

Additional information to my tourists

Welcome to our beautiful country Kazakhstan! I would like to present my private tours, where I’ll be your individual English-Russian-Kazakh speaking guide and driver with my own car. During the tours I am responsible for your personal safety. Please, see all my tours on the main page of this web-site. On preliminarily request I can help to book an accommodation and to buy transport tickets. My stories are based on historical, cultural and ethnographical information. They include also expert's personal view and alternative resources. I can adjust the program of the tours or you can propose your own personal program. Please, contact me: Dildabek Bekman +7 701 766 8722 My Facebook page My Instagram page

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