Homestay in Kazakh Village & Horseback Riding. Almaty City

Dear guest!

Welcome to Kazakh village near Almaty!

I would like to present the homestay in Zhana Arna Kazakh village near Almaty city, where I'll be your individual English-Russian-Kazakh speaking guide and driver with my own car. During the tour I am responsible for your personal safety. 


Zhana Arna village is Kazakh village and beautiful place very near to Ili River of Almaty region (30 min by car from Almaty city). Ili River is one of the largest rivers in the region, which is flowing from China and going to big Balkhash lake. The river has its own beauty and is rich with its flora and fauna. Good place for relaxation, meditation and having rest. Guest house. Life of ordinary people without frills.

This tour is available from February to December.


  • Morning arrival in the village. Accommodation in the house. Acquaintance with the family. Short breakfast. Simple traditional life, livestock in the yard. Kazakh traditions and customs.

  • Walking tour in the village and light hiking in surrounding areas with the guide. Visiting local school and meetings with Kazakh children. Meetings with people in the village. Lunch in the house with the family.

  • Mix of old Kazakh traditions, disappearing Soviet lifestyle. Dinner with the family.

  • Try Kumis - mare's milk. Kumis is ancient Kazakh traditional drink. Drink or cure yourself with kumis. Millions of people have recovered from desease using kumis. Kumis is longevity and healthful drink. Milk a mare. Course of healing and treatment with Kumis.

  • Horseback riding is possible in the village.

  • Homestay for 1-5 days is possible. 

  • Number of participants: 1 - 5


On preliminarily request we can help to  book accommodation and buy transport tickets. The stories of the guide are based on historical, cultural and ethnographical information. They include also expert's personal view and alternative resources. The guide can adjust the program of the tour or you can propose your own personal program.


  • The price of homestay in the village is US$ 120 per person for one day


The price includes: 

  • accomodation (homestay) in the family, 

  • transfer from Almaty city to the village and back,

  • three meals, 

  • guide services,

  • car with driver.

This homestay program is basic and could be changed upon request.

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