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Almaty - Shymkent - Sayram - Turkestan. Guide & Driver, 6 Days

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Welcome to South Kazakhstan!

I would like to present my private tour, where I'll be your individual English-Russian-Kazakh speaking guide and driver with my own car. During the tour I am responsible for your personal safety.


This tour is available from April to November.

Please, see the program below .  


Almaty – Shymkent – Sayram-Ugam  National Park – Turkestan – Shymkent

Day 1

  • Arrival in Almaty city and pick up at the airport.

  • Accomodation.

  • City tour. Main attractions of Almaty city. Green Bazaar is a barometer of the city. Park of the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen – history of Great Patriotic War

  • City panorama view  from Kok Tobe Park.


Day 2

  • Mountain landscapes of Almaty surroundings.

  • Trip to Big Almaty Lake in the mountain gogre. Light trekking to alpine lake. 3 hours to reach the lake. Trip by car is possible.

Day 3

  • Visiting famous mountain skate rink Medeo and Shymbulak ski resort near Almaty. Hiking or by cart. 

  • Return to the city.

  • Evening departure to Shymkent city by train (10 hours) or car with a driver (8 hours).  

Day 4

  • Morning arrival in Shymkent city. 

  • Accommodation.

  • City tour. Old Citadel and Old city. Green Bazaar is heart of the city. Koshkar Ata river is unique and sacral place of the city. Park of Independency is symbol of modern Shymkent.

  • Transfer to the ancient Sayram town. Sayram is ancient city on Silk Road.

  • Visiting medieval mausoleums and local historical museum.

  • Walking tour in the centre.

  • Try ancient Uzbek cuisine in Sayram.

  • Transfer to Shymkent city.

Day 5

  • Morning departure to Sayram-Ugam National Park (70 km).

  • Sayram Su mountain gorge. Light trekking to Sayram Lower lake, 8 km by path. Fresh alpine air and juniper forests. Picturesque views of the alpine peaks. Rare and endangered varieties of plants and animals.

  • Evening departure to Shymkent city. 

Day 6

  • Departure to Turkestan city (180 km).

  • Accommodation.

  • Visiting medieval mausoleums of Arystan Bab and Khodja Ahmed Yasawi.  Saint Ahmed as king of Sufi mystics and dervishes.  Mausoleum in Turkestan is UNESCO and World heritage site. 

  • Departure to Shymkent city. 


On preliminarily request we can help to  book accommodation and buy transport tickets. The stories of the guide are based on historical, cultural and ethnographical information. They include also expert's personal view and alternative resources. The guide can adjust the program of the tour or you can propose your own personal program.


  • The price for one person is US$ 680 for 6 days.

  • The price for a group of two people is US$ 450 per person for 6 days.

  • The price for a group of three people is US$ 340 per person for 6 days. 


The price includes: 

  • guide services,

  • car with driver and fuel.

The price does not include:

  • accommodation,

  • food,

  • entrance fees. 

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