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Hello, I am Dildabek Bekman! Welcome to Kazakhstan, beautiful and magic country. Glad to meet you! 

I am local tour guide and driver around South Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana. I am member of a network of independent tour guides, and CBT (community based tourism) offers in South Kazakhstan.

For the guests I use my individual car (Toyota Avensis 2011 sedan car with 4 passenger seats). 


I am native Kazakh and proud of my homeland and its great history. I would like to give to the guests an in-depth knowledge of our national culture and its spirituality; ancient and recent. I would like to bring, not only the local point-of-view to the discussion, but also give life to facts, legends and stories that have come down through the ages. I believe that knowledge of history and love to nature help us to better understand ourselves and others. Therefore, I am always ready to welcome new guests.

My aim is to help travelers and tourists to see with their own eyes Kazakhstan as real but not fictional country. To learn real, not made-up history of the people who are living here for thousands of years. To have a rest and enjoy the local nature. We are all children of one Mother - Earth. Expand your consciousness! The past is connected to today!

On this web-site you can choose a tour that you like.

I am always ready to welcome new guests !


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Dildabek Bekman

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Local tour guide and driver. Member of a network of independent tour guides, and CBT (community based tourism)

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我預訂了一天的行程前往突厥斯坦(Turkestan)其中兩個神聖陵墓,Arystan Bab medieval mausoleum和Mausoleum of Hodja AkhmedYassavi。對於當地的穆斯林來說,若你沒有辦法在一生中前往麥加聖地朝聖,那你至少要前往這兩個地方三次。由此可知這裡的神聖性。









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